Security Engineer with Proofpoint

  • Dublin City Centre
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Proofpoint Roles & Responsibilities Ongoing

· Manage configuration of Email Gateway software

· Publish metrics for the Email Gateway service

· Manage signature updates to the Email Gateway environment

· Send signatures to Email Gateway Vendor for analysis

· Manage the whitelisting of email addresses and domains

· Manage the blacklisting of email addresses and domains

· Manage the organisational safe listing of trusted email domains

· Complete an annual review of the whitelist

· Create & Manage email policies in the Email Gateway software (Policy Route & Firewall Rule)

· Produce a roadmap for the Email Gateway service

· Manage Email Gateway processes

· Manage upgrades to the Email Gateway software

· Manage queries & escalations for the Email Gateway service

· Advanced troubleshooting

· Incident management

· Develop reporting for the Email Gateway service

· Be the point of contact for audits of the Email Gateway service

· Troubleshoot the delay of external emails incoming and leaving the Proofpoint devices.

· Troubleshoot TLS connection issues with external business partners whom we have TLS connections enforced with.

· Renew and install TLS certs on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

· Configure new routes and rules, add accepted domains to support projects or on an ad-hoc basis as required.

· Perform daily analysis on the TAP environment to identify new and upcoming threats as per vendor suggestions.

· Publish and gather monthly reports on all aspects of email activity to and from the email gateway and TAP devices. Publish these stats to the CSS Share-Point site.

· Review current software status and patching status of Proofpoint, liaise with vendor for advice on correct upgrade path and implement patches and software needed to maintain an accepted level of security for the email environment. Applying software and patches should not impact any business function.

· Manage Quarantine process

· Review TRAP daily for threats to report to ISEM centre

· Manage EFD

· Attend and pro-active QBR

· Engaging with Security Architects

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    • BNNSE
    • Dublin City Centre
    • Negotiable
    • Contract
    • 12th of April
    • IT